4 Feb 2012

# 361 Pretty Poison - Gimme gimme your autograph

Side a: Gimme gimme your autograph
Side b: Kill you
USA 1981
Killer quirky New Wave from this Philadelphia/Pennsylvania based group. This is the first single out of ten. Later they had some chart success with dance music. But read more here. Nevertheless this is a great record in my eyes ! Love it !


# 360 Instamoids - Airhead

Side a: Airhead
Side b: Kiss it goodbey
USA 1980
Superb quirky new wave band from La Cresenta/CA with their lone release. Great record !
Meet the band here.


# 359 Pop Mechanix - Now

Side a: Now
Side b: Radio Song
NZ 1980
First single by this New Zealand band. Cool new wave here on this platter. Sadly i haven't a picture cover to my record. Read more about the band here and here.


Here's a "stolen" cover scann: