20 Jul 2008

# 37 Sid Sideboard & the Chairs

Side a: Gaz & Debbs
Side b: Denise
UK 1979
Five piece combo from Watford. "Denise" is a great BoogieWoogie/Powerpoppin' track. I like it !



Tess said...

Amazing! I worked at Red Bus Recording Studios in the late 70's/early 80's and was called from the office into the studio where Sid et al were recording. I was asked to say the words 'To play?' which were included in the track. I would love to know the title of this track if anyone knows...........pure nostalgia, from 30 years ago!!!

Spike said...

Hi Tess,
I'm Spike Webb, the drummer with Sid Sideboard. The words you said featured at the end of a track called 'Little Women', released on Redbus label but withdrawn shortly after. The producers were Paul Lynton and Peter Collins. One of the 'Buggles' played on it as well. I think the record may still be available on the net. We have 2 others which still are. I'll see if I can trace it.

Tess said...

Hi Spike!

Oh wow! Am so excited at your response....I would absolutely love to get a copy of the track. People often ask me about when I worked in the music business, if I got to sing on any of the tracks. I have always said, well, yeah actually I did feature on a really cool punk track..... I can't believe that it - all these years I have been wondering about that recording session, wishing that I knew the title of that track. I always thought it was Tony Swain who was the producer..........Please let me knowif you can locate it. It's really nice to hear from you. Are you still playing? Co-incidentally, I bought a Mk 2 Zodiac Convertible (customised) off Luke Morgan who is in the band The Highliners.............., then Adam Ant used it in one of his video shoots and pranged it! Ha ha, sort it out (he fessed up that he couldn't drive)

Spike said...

HI Tess!
Yeah Tony Swain was working with us around that time so he could well have been producing as well. I may be able to get hold of a CD with the track on. I'm still a drummer but also a writer. I've just had a book published about drummers:
"Mad. Bad & Dangerous - the book of drummers' tales'
which is a collection of stories by/about famous drummers. It also contains some stories about Sid Sideboard & The Chairs whose record you spoke on.
If you google the title with my name it'll come up on Amazon and Waterstones, Tesco etc. Ken Bruce mentioned it recently on Radio 2 which was helpful.
Did you carry on in the music business?

razor said...

re-up is done