27 Jul 2008

# 44 Da Biz - On the beach

Side a: On the beach
Side b:This is no audition
UK 1980
Another great single by Ronnie Mayor. He is well known from his further band "The Tours".
Two catchy as hell numbers.


#43 The Thrillers - I'm a Casanova

Side a: I'm a Casanova
Side b: Meat eater
UK 1979
Great pubrock ! The singer sounds to me like an angry Ian Dury.


# 42 The Cheetahs - Radio-Active !

Side a: Radio-Active
Side b: 1.The only one , 2.Minefield
UK 1979
A five peace band from Edingburgh in Scotland. This is their one and only record on the great Zoom Records label.


# 41 Pistol Whip - Heart throb ....

Side a: Heart throb
Side b: Untouchables
USA 1977
Great first generation punk from the Chicago area. "Untouchables" is one of my absolute fav tracks.


# 40 Bonnie Parker & Acme Attractions

Side a: Eve of destruction
Side b: It's ok
UK 1981
Another great version of this old hippie song. I think Bonnie Parker was an american girl who try to have success in England.


# 39 Close Rivals - Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth

Side a: Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth
Side b: You've got to make mistakes
UK 1981
This is the song that gives my blog the name. Cool powerpop. Sadly i can't find any information about the band.


20 Jul 2008

# 38 The Spitfire Boys - British Refugee

Side a: British Refugee
Side b: Mein Kampf
UK 1977
Killer early punkrock ! The singer Maggot (Paul Rutherford) was later in the popgroup "Frankie goes to Hollywood".


# 37 Sid Sideboard & the Chairs

Side a: Gaz & Debbs
Side b: Denise
UK 1979
Five piece combo from Watford. "Denise" is a great BoogieWoogie/Powerpoppin' track. I like it !


# 36 The Reducers - Limited Edition

Side a: Things go wrong
Side b: We are normal
UK 1978
Debut single by this combo from Bury/UK. The single was released in three different picture sleeve colours.


# 35 The Members - Killing time

Side a: Klling time
Side b: G.L.C.
UK 1979
I love this platter ! Fourth single from one of my fav bands. Great cover art work.


# 34 The Jerks - Cool

Side a: Coll
Side b: Cruisin' (again)
UK 1978
Second effort of The Jerks from West Yorkshire. The band is well know for their track "Get your woofing dog off me".


# 33 The Dazzlers - Phonies

Side a: Phonies
Side b: Kick out
UK 1978
Cool powerpop from this Brighton based band. The record was issued with a printed plastic bag.


# 32 X-S-Energy - Eighteen

Side a: Eighteen
Sideb: 1.Jennys alright , 2.Horrorscope
UK 1979
Band from Lincoln/UK. First edition of 500 pieces with a picture sleeve. Re-issue on the Dead Good Records without a PC sleeve , only with a rubber stamped paper sleeve.


# 31 The Features - She makes me blue

Side a: She makes me blue
Side b: Don't let them know
UK 1980
Very beatleske/60's inspired powerpop from this five peace group. This was their first release.


# 30 Asphalt Jungle - Poly Magoo

Side a: Poly Magoo
Side b: Love lane
F 1978 / Re-Issued 1987
Great early french punk rock. This is their third single. Asphalt Jungle was one of the first punk bands in france. Read more about the band here.


13 Jul 2008

# 29 Last Resort - Having fun ?

Side a: Having fun ?
Side b: F.U.2
UK 1978
Funny little record from this Oxford based band. This band has nothing to do with the same named Oi band from Millwall.


# 28 Salford Jets - Who you looking at ?

Side a: Who you looking at ?
Side b: Don't start trouble
UK 1980
The fourth single from these Greater Manchester boys. I think this is their punkiest single they made. The band is still active and playing live. Visit the Salford Jets here.


# 27 The Gangsters - Self titled LP

Side a:1.Weekend , 2.Harlow town , 3.Pay cheque , 4.Don't rely on me , 5.Trouble we go through , 6.Shake and pop
Side b:1.Record company , 2.I don't know , 3.Sadie May , 4.Never thought it would happen , 5.Best friend
UK 1979
Band from the Essex area with their one and only longplayer.
The Gangsters released 2 very collectable singles befor the LP on the great Stortbeat Records label. The longplayer also was released on the same label.

Download Sorry no longer possible !

# 26 The Inserts - N.M.E.

Side a:N.M.E.
Side b:1.The Plague , 2.Teenage Girls
UK 1980
Decent powerpop from a four piece band. I like the title track. Hey, every musician want to be on the cover of the N.M.E. !


# 25 The PoP Detectives

Side a: Rocks in the sea
Side b: Twist
UK 1980
May a band from Cornwall.
"Twist" is an absolute winner !!
A must have in your song collection !


# 24 The Fence - Thinking that i shouldn't

Side a: Thinking that i shouldn't
Side b: 1.Thru' with you , 2.Hey girl
UK 1980 Never released with a sleeve ?
The track on the a-side is a great powerpop track. The other two tracks a more in a post punk vein.
Sadly i can't find any infos about the band.


6 Jul 2008

# 23 The XDreamysts - s/t

Side a:1.Stay the way you are , 2.Money talks , 3.Bad news , 4.Race against time , 5.Pardoned cry , 6.Silly games
Side b:1.One in every crowd , 2.I don't wanna go , 3.Reality blues , 4.The heat is on , 5.City girl , 6.Fallin'
NL 1980
I don't like this platter. You ask why i post this record ? I will tell you that the record is not worth the money it costs. The only good track is "City girl".
But nevertheless meet the band on MySpace. They are reformed and playing again.


# 22 Plastic Sandwiches - Bayonets and Colours

Side a: Bayonets and colours
Side b: Parties at war
UK 1981
Obscure band from the Norwich area.
Released on the highly collectable "Ellie Jay" label.


# 21 The Future Bodies

Side a: Terrorist
Side b: Science of romance
UK 1980
Punk band from South-East London. This is their one only release. "Terrorist" is a great punk stomper and the b side is more in an early banshees vein.


# 20 Andy Lloyd - Back to school

Side a:Back to school
Side b: It's up to you
UK 1978
Great single from a great performer. Read more about the band on their MySpace site.

Download    Sorry, no longer possible !

# 19 The Accelerators - E.P.

Side a:1.Popguns and green latern , 2.liberate the night , 3.Broken promises
Side b: Reason for treason , 2.Telepathic romance , 3.This is your life
UK 1979
Accelerators - c1977-81, feat; Chris Martin (voc,hrmc), Martin 'Yarker' Smith (gtr) (later Lawnmower), Kathy Freeman (gtr,keys) (now of Kathy-X), Tony Doyle (bass) (later Lawnmower, Adams Family, Cat Scratch Fever), Brian ‘Damage’ Harcombe (drms) (Shop Soiled, Filibuster, Death Kit, Restless later Adams Family). Orig bassist was Graham Marsh (for 1st 3mnths). Martin Yarker replaced by Leigh Marles for final year. Rel 12" EP Pop Guns & Green Lanterns (on Spiv). Also had a trk 'Radio Blues' on 'Street To Street' comp on Open Eye Recs. Did over 400 gigs. Chris or Tony was verbally abused on Prescott Rd by Mick Mada for having a Leo Sayer haircut & a shit band, they went onto work together on the sound at the Garden Festival in 1985. Did T.V. + Radio, played gigs from Havanna Club to Liverpool Empire to numerous festivals. Ran own management, record label (Spiv Recs) + P.A.and transport. Played alongside Siouxsie + Banshees, XTC, Rich Kids, Steve Hillage, Discharge, Buzzcocks, Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, Spizz, Angelic Upstarts, Cheap Trick, OMD, Tom Robinson.(The Crude Cast)


3 Jul 2008

# 18 Kevin Short & his Privates - Punk strut

Side a: Punk strut
Side b: Short cut
UK 1978
I like this record. I think they were not a real band and not a punkband... Maybe some guys
who want jump on the punkwave but little bit too late. A fake ? But the record is great !


# 17 De Kuffers - Ik wil punk!

Side a: Ik wil punk !
Side b: De Drugwals
NL 1977
Funny novelty record from a dutch carnival combo. The a- side is good sounding punkrock number. The b-side is funny too but not punk. I think it's a song about drinking and using drugs...
Is there a dutch outside who can translate this ?


# 16 Flirt - Don't push me !

Side a: Don't push me!
Side b: De-Generator
USA 1978
Great female fronted band from Detroit. Read more about the group here.
Visit their Myspace site here.