6 Jul 2008

# 23 The XDreamysts - s/t

Side a:1.Stay the way you are , 2.Money talks , 3.Bad news , 4.Race against time , 5.Pardoned cry , 6.Silly games
Side b:1.One in every crowd , 2.I don't wanna go , 3.Reality blues , 4.The heat is on , 5.City girl , 6.Fallin'
NL 1980
I don't like this platter. You ask why i post this record ? I will tell you that the record is not worth the money it costs. The only good track is "City girl".
But nevertheless meet the band on MySpace. They are reformed and playing again.


1 comment:

Gambit said...

Many, Many Thanx for making this available to download. Haven't heard it in 20+ years (have the vinyl, but nothing to play it on, lol)but it's the sound of my youth. (Spuds in Portstewart anyone?)

Can't believe they're still going - they were ancient in '77!!