3 Mar 2013

# 392 V/A - Belfast

Side a: 1. STAGE B - Recall to life , 2.STRIKE - Radio songs , 3.EX-PRODUCERS - The system is here , 4.EZY MEAT - Sexy lady , 5.REFLEX ACTION - Spies
Side b: 1.STRIKE - Running past , 2.REFLEX ACTION - Recession , 3.STAGE B - Light on the Hillside , 4.EZY MEAT - Soho escapade , 5.EX-PRODUCERS - Behind the door
N.IRL 1980
This is one of these great local compilations from the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties with a mix of Powerpop/Postpunk/Rock/New wave/Punk like "the Bristol Recorder" or "Avon Calling" , "First Offenders" to name a few. The winners here on this platter are the Strike numbers ( with the female singer Lesley Whitten).
If you like more info about the bands go to this site: Irish Rock. The songs by the Ex-Producers are also on the fantastic CD compilation "Shellshock rockers" who was released 2012 by Spit Records.



Bryn said...

Thanks for sharing what I'm sure will be an unheard gem!

Woody said...

Many thanks!!!! Great, great & great!!!

Dan Geist said...

What a superb comp! Not a duff track to these ears. Restraining oneself to three favorites, I'd call out the odd, funny, half-instrumental, deeply political "Recession" by Reflex Action; the heavy grinding dirge of Stage B's "Recall to Life"; and Strike's gorgeous "Running Past," which puts me in mind of one of my favorite indie acts of the past decade, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves.

FuseRed said...

thanks for this - looking forward to it

habiloid said...

I know a couple of these, I'd like to hear the rest. Could you re-upload?


habiloid said...

Sorry, my mistake - you'd already done this.