13 Jul 2008

# 27 The Gangsters - Self titled LP

Side a:1.Weekend , 2.Harlow town , 3.Pay cheque , 4.Don't rely on me , 5.Trouble we go through , 6.Shake and pop
Side b:1.Record company , 2.I don't know , 3.Sadie May , 4.Never thought it would happen , 5.Best friend
UK 1979
Band from the Essex area with their one and only longplayer.
The Gangsters released 2 very collectable singles befor the LP on the great Stortbeat Records label. The longplayer also was released on the same label.

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argenis '65 said...

Hi, I think this link is the same on the xDreamysts post, any chance of re-upload the right one??? Thanks in advance