3 Jul 2008

# 18 Kevin Short & his Privates - Punk strut

Side a: Punk strut
Side b: Short cut
UK 1978
I like this record. I think they were not a real band and not a punkband... Maybe some guys
who want jump on the punkwave but little bit too late. A fake ? But the record is great !



clubwest said...

Not a fake - it was a genuine tribute to the punk era - we did gig under various aliases - and have been off and on over the years. Hard being a punk in your fifties - but I still try - glad you liked the record of yesteryear.

Kevin Short

richard said...

Waaah! I loved this record at the moment it started to play on my computer...the two tracks are just GREAT.

Cheers to Kevin Short
Cheers this post
Cheers this blog

Rik said...

Ok, wait for this, you punks! Kevin Short and his Privates are back! They have just finished shooting a movie, celebrating the reunion of the band, as well as an entertaining look at what punk is about now – with special appearances from such greats as the UK Subs, the Mekons and a host of Angels (Hell's Angels).

It's going to be a riot. Check out the trailer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGeIexJNg6c

Send an email to this address to join the mailing list and find out what else the Kev and the Privs are up to next...

RikShaw said...

There is now a Punk Strut – The Movie website: http://www.punkstrutthemovie.com.

For more info or to join the mailing list, contact: info@punkstrutthemovie.com