25 Jan 2016

# 468 The Times - Love at first sigh

Side a: 1. Tuesday the 12th , 2. So so
Side b: 1. Muzak , 2.New girl
USA 1982
First of two outputs by this Cleveland based band. The songs were written between 1980 and 1982. A very nice mix of new wave (Muzak has a very strong "Gary Numan" influence) and powerpop. Released on Warped records (home of Fragile Eyeon and Asbestos Rockpyle). A very enjoyable Record. I like it!


# 467 Gay Wild - Action Action

 Side a: Action action
Side b: Wild girl
UK 1980
Gay Wild released this sole single on Elton John's "The Rocket Record Company". The hole thing looks like a studio projekt. Side a is a nice "Toyah/Lene Lovich" soundalike new wave track while the b side is more in a "Suzy Quatro" mood. Not a bad record.


31 Dec 2015

# 466 Jetz - Buy one

Side a: 1. (I gotta) Buy one , 2. TV man
Side b: 1. Long distance love , 2. Drive my car
USA 1981
A very nice 4 track E.P. by this Washington D.C. based group. We have here on this record 3 fine, selfpenned powerpop numbers and a lame radiopop number. I think this was their lone release, but i'm not sure. There were to many bands with name "Jetz". I like it !


# 465 A Matter of Taste ! - turn us over

Side a: Turn us over
Side b: 1. How come yer up? , 2. Never runaway
USA 1981
Very nice New Wave/Powerpop single by this 6 piece band from Bridgton/ME based band with male/female vocals. As far as i know this is their sole release. Enjoy!


30 Nov 2015

# 464 Driver - Let's rock tonight

Side a: Let's rock tonight
Side b: See rock city
USA 1980
Great rocking punk by this New York City based band. The b-side is real cracker!! Maybe their sole release. Enjoy !


# 463 - Pressure Stops - Bedsitter

Side a: Bedsitter
Side b: 1.Control , 2.Day in the life
UK 1981
Lesser known second single by Pressure Stops (of "Crash wonder" fame). Cool mix of white reggae and post-punk and powerpop. Released on "Airplay" records.I like it!


31 Oct 2015

#462 Charts - Tears

Side a: Tears
Side b: Time is up
BEL 1979
Nice charming and amateurish DIY punkrock from Belgium, released on Eden Records. No more infos available. This was also post on the great "Girls from Tahiti" blog a few years ago.


# 461 Dogwatch - Cut outs

Side a: Cut outs
Side b: Mornington Crescent
UK 1980

Obscure little platter by this Brighton based band. One side is ska-artrock with a violin solo and a good chorus line. The other side is more artrock. Nevertheless a fine record! This is their second release. They had also released a live record on Bridge House records in 1979. See more here.


27 Sep 2015

# 460 - The Cheesedogs - Rita Jenrette

Side c: 1.Rita Jenrette , 2.No fair
Side d: 1.Radio , 2.Something tells me no
USA 1981
Entertaining 4 track E.P. by this Garwood/NJ based band. Music ranges from Powerpop to weird New Wave to radio friendly college pop. This might be their sole release and it's a fine one.


# 459 Static -s/t

Side a: Voice on the line
Side b: Stealin'
UK 1982
Nice lone release by this band. Side a is a very nice powerpop tune with some heavy metal solo guitars. Side b is more NWOBHM/Hardrock but also not bad. Cover is a stamped innersleeve without informations, just the bandname on it. Cool!