25 Feb 2018

# 506 Jaws - Loser

Side a: Loser
Side b: Slow rider
GER 1978
Very nice punky Hardrock on this sole release by this Munster/Germany based band.  "Loser" is a cool song. Enjoy!


# 505 The Stukas - Washing machin boogie

Side a: Washing machine boogie
Side b: Motorbike
UK 1978
3rd and final single by the mighty Stukas ! I love it !


21 Jan 2018

# 504 The Kidz - i'll get caught

Side a: I'll get caught
Side b: Prototype Pete
IRL 1979/1980

Great and sole release by this Cork/IRL based group out of the ashes of the punk band Berserk. Please read more here. Enjoy the record!


# 503 Zamaro - Cholo

Side a: Cholo
Side b: Bad for you
USA 1980
Nice Rock/Powerpop record by this San Francisco based band.
Maybe their lone release ? Enjoy it!


25 Dec 2017

# 502 Daddy Please - Call you

Side a: Call you
Side b: Breakin' me down
USA 1980
Superb powerpop record on 707 records. I haven't found informations about this record or the band. I hope you will enjoy this record like i do!


# 501 The Clients - The threat

Side a: The threat
Side b: Triple cross
USA 1980
Sole release by this Los Angeles/California based band. A fine Powerpop/Ska two tracker. Cool !


5 Nov 2017

# 500 The Rabies - (My girl's a) Hologram

Side a: (My girl's a) Hologram
Side b: Criminal
USA 1982
Classy powerpop/new wave platter by this 4 piece band. They released two 7" singles in the same year and both a great ! I love this record and i hope you will too!


# 499 F-systems - People

Side a: People
Side b: Naked kiss
USA 1980
Fantastic New Wave by this Austin/TX based 5 piece group. A strong female singer who reminds me a little bit to Hazel O'Connor. Both songs a real winners! Enjoy it!


30 Jul 2017

# 498 David James - Mean streets

Side a: Mean streets
Side b: Heads will roll
USA 1981
Fantastic punk/powerpop platter by Davis James. This record is a mystery for me. I haven't found informations about Davis James nor the Label "RIM records". Released without a sleeve but with a single printed card and a sticker. The scan is from the sticker. It has the better contrasts.
I hope you will love this record like i do!


30 Jun 2017

# 497 The Contraband - In the night

Side a: In the night
Side b: Searching for affiction
USA 1979
Second output by this San Francisco/CA based quartet. This self released record got two fine songs on it. Side a with a good paced Rock'n'Roll/powerpop number. The guitar riff reminds me of a "Good Vibrations recording artists" song.  The track on the flipside is a nice powerpop number. Enjoy it !