30 Apr 2016

# 474 - Lost Property - Persuasion

Side a: Persuasion
Side b: Waste of a nation
UK 1981
The sole (?) record of Lost Property came out on the small but fine "Clubland" records label. A great record with a very good female singer. The a-side is a good poprock number. The song on the b-side is a real punk cracker ! Love it!


# 473 - Hardattack - Sick and tired of my friends

Side a: Sick and tired of my friends
Side b: Me and you
USA 1981
Nice self released 7" by this 5 pieces band with two selfpenned numbers.
The a-side has great punky powerpop groove while the b-side is more an offbeat new wave song. I like it!


27 Mar 2016

# 472 Points - Spy vs. spy

Side a: Spy vs. spy
Side b: Can't go back
USA 1981
Very nice self-released record by this Milwaukee based band. Maybe their lone output. I haven't found more infos. Good punky powerpop. Enjoy it !


# 471 Toast - Computer i love you

Side a: Computer i love you
Side b: Return to myself
BEL 1980
First  7" by this flemish 4 piece band. They exist from 1976 until1992 (?).
Side a is great quirky powerpop/new wave track while b side is more poprock/powerpop. A very nice record! Please read more here.


21 Feb 2016

# 470 The Clicks - Just another monday

Side a: Just another monday
Side b: Breaking up
UK 1983
Superb Mod/Powerpop by this Woking/UK quartet. First blogged on the unbelieveable great "My life's a jigsaw"site. Read more informations there.


# 469 The Water Pistols - Gimme that punk junk

Side a: Gimme that punk junk
Side b: Soft punk
UK 1976
Great novelty punk by this studio only project. But nevertheless worth listening. And only one of a few punk records released in 1976. I love novelty punk records (like the Punkettes and many more) !


25 Jan 2016

# 468 The Times - Love at first sigh

Side a: 1. Tuesday the 12th , 2. So so
Side b: 1. Muzak , 2.New girl
USA 1982
First of two outputs by this Cleveland based band. The songs were written between 1980 and 1982. A very nice mix of new wave (Muzak has a very strong "Gary Numan" influence) and powerpop. Released on Warped records (home of Fragile Eyeon and Asbestos Rockpyle). A very enjoyable Record. I like it!


# 467 Gay Wild - Action Action

 Side a: Action action
Side b: Wild girl
UK 1980
Gay Wild released this sole single on Elton John's "The Rocket Record Company". The hole thing looks like a studio projekt. Side a is a nice "Toyah/Lene Lovich" soundalike new wave track while the b side is more in a "Suzy Quatro" mood. Not a bad record.


31 Dec 2015

# 466 Jetz - Buy one

Side a: 1. (I gotta) Buy one , 2. TV man
Side b: 1. Long distance love , 2. Drive my car
USA 1981
A very nice 4 track E.P. by this Washington D.C. based group. We have here on this record 3 fine, selfpenned powerpop numbers and a lame radiopop number. I think this was their lone release, but i'm not sure. There were to many bands with name "Jetz". I like it !


# 465 A Matter of Taste ! - turn us over

Side a: Turn us over
Side b: 1. How come yer up? , 2. Never runaway
USA 1981
Very nice New Wave/Powerpop single by this 6 piece band from Bridgton/ME based band with male/female vocals. As far as i know this is their sole release. Enjoy!