21 Sep 2014

# 432 Terry Tranz N' The Vestites - s/t

Side a: We've had it here
Side b: State hand out
UK 1981
Great sole release by this Middlesbrough four piece group. Two self-penned songs that remind me a bit of "Johnny Moped".
You can find some informations about Teesside bands here


# 431 The Sets - s/t

Side a: Love ain't what it used to be
Side b: Life on an L.1
AUS 1981
Sidney based mod band with their lone vinyl release. They released a CD out in 2011 for their comeback on stage. Meet the band here.


17 Aug 2014

# 430 Motivo - They

Side a: They
Side b: Bad guys
BEL 1980
Lone release by this belgian band. Very nice female fronted powerpop/poprock on this record. My favorite is the track on the b side of this platter. I haven't found informations about this group.


# 429 The Cartoons - City boy gone insane

Side a: City boy gone insane
Side b: Love in Texas
USA 1980
Very nice powerpop record from Texas. This is their lone (?) release on the singer's/songwriter's own label.


20 Jul 2014

# 428 The Quads - Gotta getta job

Side a: Gotta getta job
Side b: Gang of kids
UK 1981
Superb 4th single by this Birmingham based band. they are very well known for the "There Must Be Thousands" single , a favourite by John Peel. Please read ore here. I love this record!


# 427 V/A - Split: Joe 9T + the Thunderbirds / They must be Russians

Side a: Joe 9T + Thunderbirds - Joe 9T theme
Side b: They must be Russians - Psycho analysis
UK 1979
Obscure split single by a scotish duo on the first side of the record and on second side we have a Berkshire based 4 piece group.
Great little record!
Read more here.


22 Jun 2014

# 426 The Slivers - Does it matter

Side a: 1.Black hole , 2.Look at me
Side b: 1. Does it matter , 2.People
CAN 1981
Lone 4 track single by this VictoriaB.C. based trio with some very nice self penned Powerpop/Indiepop songs. I like it!


# 425 ├śresus - Mannen i badekaret

Side a: Mannen i badekaret
Side b: Tyven , tyven
NOR 1982
Cool second single by this Skien based four pieces. Great piece of norwegian punk rock. They released a LP in 1983 and there was a release some of the best tracks on CD in 2003.


18 May 2014

# 424 The Regulators - Westcliff girls

Side a: 1. Westcliff girls , 2.Short and curlies
Side b: 1.Telephone ringing , 2.Officers & Gentlemen
UK 1980
A fine 4 track E.P. by this Southend-on-Sea based five pieces band. Four nice and self written powerpop tracks with some hints of "The Ruts"-like reggae. I like it very much!


# 423 The Frenchmen - Small Town boy

Side a: Small Town boy
Side b: 1.Now maybe , 2.Dirty dishes wicked wishes
USA 1980
Second and last record by this Erie/PA band. 3 nice self penned (power)pop tracks. You can hear the first single of this group on the famous Shotgun Solution blog. I can't find more informations about this band. No printings or infos on the back cover.