16 Mar 2014

# 420 Digits - s/t

Side a: Dig a hole
Side b: 1. When i get the money , 2. Winubee
USA 1980
Lone (?) and self released record by this Huntington Beach/CA based group. On the a side we have a charming indiepop number while the b side is filled with two good punk numbers.  I like this platter! I haven't found more informations.


# 419 Revenge 88 - Thousend years from you

Side a: Thousend years from you
Side b: Unwanted son
BEL 1982

Second single by this Oostende band. Cool midtempo punkrock on this single. See more at my further post of the first single.


9 Feb 2014

# 418 Screamin' Rachael and Remote - Insult to injury

Side a: Insult to injury
Side b: Bad influence
USA 1980
Great little piece of wax by this Chicago based band. This is their lone single. Cool punky new wave on this record. Rachael Cain is still in the music business and was a pioneer of "House Music". She is named "Queen of house music".


# 417 Pink Plastic & Panties - Bla-Bla

Side a: Bla-Bla
Side b: Anger
NEL 1980
Sole release by this dutch all-girl band. They had also three tracks on the great live compilation called "Rock Tegen De Rollen" who is worth listening. The sound reminds me a little bit to the swiss band "Kleenex/Liliput". A fine record!

5 Jan 2014

# 416 The Novels - I'm being followed

 Side a: I'm being followed
Side b: Son of Sam
CAN 1980

A fine powerpop record by this Vancouver/Burnaby based four piece band. This is maybe their lone release. I haven't found more infos but read the inlay of the record.


# 415 Protocol - Craze of yours

Side a: Craze of yours
Side b: Night ride
UK 1983

A Band from Maidenhead/UK with their sole release. Two decent and selfpenned powerpop/mod numbers on this record. A special thing on this record is the sewed cover.


8 Dec 2013

# 414 The Haemorrhoids - How can i love you

Side a: 1. How can i love you , 2. Hazel
Side b: 1. No more problems , 2. Celibate
UK 1981

First of 3 records (1 E.P. and 2 Lp's) by this trio they've made between 1981 and 1985. A nice piece of punky powerpop and alternative rock on this platter. My fav is "Hazel". I haven't found more infos.


# 413 Jolie - Car mechanic

Side a: Car mechanic
Side b: Bright lights
USA 1983
Nice little record by this N.Y. City chanteuse Jolie. Two selfpenned and charming DIY (Post)punk powerpop tracks. Track "a"was produced by Tommy Ramone (Erdelyl).


17 Nov 2013

# 412 The Upstarts - Live each day

Side a: Live each day
Side b: American boys
USA 1982

Boston/MA based 4 pieces band with their debut record. In 1983 they released a  6 track mini Album called "Bobbin in the 80's" with the only remaining member Ted Richards and as a trio. Nice 60's oriented powerpop here on this record.


# 411 Living Intents - (All the) Nice boys

Side a: (All the) Nice boys
Side b: 1. Genine , 2. Said it's so
UK 1981

A very nice slab of vinyl. I completely overlooked this record in my collection. 3 well written and played songs with some "The Police" like guitar work. A fine one! I haven't found more informations.