24 Mar 2019

# 520 Joe Lethal - Don't come back

Side a: Don't come back
Side b: You ain't free
SCO 1979
Lone and self released record by this Irvine/SCO based trio. Great Pubrock on both tracks. I like it !!


# 519 Wild Horses - (I'm into) Shoes

Side a: (I'm into) Shoes
Side b: Gimme shelter
USA 1982
A band from Cleveland Ohio with their lone (?) release. "Shoes" is a fine rocking powerpop number and the flipside is an okay version of the Rolling Stones classic. Maybe the band is also named after a Stones song. Enjoy!


17 Feb 2019

# 518 Andree & the Dancers - Russian girl

Side a: Russian girl
Side b: Hurt
SWE 1981
Fantastic punky Powerpop by this swedish band! I haven't found informations about this killer record/band. Anyone can help? Enjoy this record like i do!!


# 517 Square Meal - Someone's out to git ya

Side a: Someone's out to git ya
Side b: Another boy
IRL 1980
Second of two releases by this irish band. Fine punky New Wave/Powerpop. They had also a track (Love attack , taken from their first 7") on the compilation "Just for Kicks"  along with U2 and other irish bands. I like it! Enjoy!


31 Dec 2018

# 516 The News - The last time

Side a: The last time
Side b: Popular boy
USA 1981
Another band with the name "The News". This is one of two singles by this Minnesota band. A fine Powerpop 2 tracker. Have fun with this!


# 515 Steve Blimkie & The Reasons

Side a: You can't hold me anymore
Side b: Freaks on the tube
CAN 1980
Two non LP tracks by this canadian band out of London/Ontario. Sadly i haven't the cover and the insert. But you can find it online. Please read more here. Enjoy it!


11 Nov 2018

# 514 Catalist - Dear Lynne

Side a: Dear Lynne
Side aa: You linger on
UK 1981
Very fine powerpop by this scottish band. This self released record is their sole one.
Enjoy it like i do!


6 Oct 2018

# 513 The News - Spread the news

Side a: She's so square
Side a: The kids are dancing
USA 1978
Killer record by this Rock Springs/WY based trio! This is their sole release as far as i know. Cover is only printed on one side.
Enjoy it like i do! I love it!


22 Jul 2018

# 512 Red Stripe - No Pic Sleeve EP

Side a: Inside Of Pain
Side b: 1. Wogs Go Home , 2.Trois Vielles Sacs Assises Lisant
UK 1980
Fantastic punk platter on the "Not Sensibles" label "Snotty Snail Records". This is their sole release. Sadly i haven't the rubber-stamped sleeve and the insert. Enjoy the record like i do !!


# 511 Kevin Lee and Heartbeat - Tonight

Side a: Tonight
Side b: White Rolls-Royce
USA 1982
Cool rocking powerpop from this Bloomington/Illinios based trio. I like it!
read more here.