3 Nov 2019

# 530 Restless - Looking for a girl

Side a: Looking for a girl
Side b: Last night
CH 1982
Lone release by this swiss band with an ex-member of Fresh Color (Rolf Hösli). A nice powerpop/pub rock two tracker. I like it!


# 529 Lovesick - What's the matter babe

Side a: What's the matter babe
Side b: A good thing
USA 198x
Nice jinglejangle powerpop on Lovesick's sole release from the early 1980's on the Pittsburgh/PA based Jeree Label. Enjoy !


4 Oct 2019

# 528 Head Office - Clicking in my head

Side a: Clicking in my head
Side b: Life in the city
UK 1981

Fantastic lone 7" by this 5 piece group.  I like it!


# 527 The Next - Kick ass !

Side a: Little girls
Side b: 1.Women should be wilder , 2.T.V.S.
USA 1980

Austin / TX punkers second and final single. Enjoy!


1 Sep 2019

# 526 Bullet Boys - Changes

Side a: Changes
Side b: Just a little wild
USA 198?
Great powerpop by this Riverside/California based band, released on "Warped records".  The year of the release is unclear and if they had more records made. Enjoy it like i do!


# 525 The Arrangers - Would you like to leave

Side a: Would you like to leave
Side b: You left all the water running
UK 1980
Nice New Wave/Poprock by this Uk based band. It might be their sole release. Enjoy!


21 Jul 2019

# 524 The News - EP

Side a: 1.I can see through you , 2.Don't talk to me
Side b: 1.Don't split my signals , 2.It doesn't matter
USA 1980

Fantastic Ep by this Minnesotta based band. One of two records they made (for the other one see my post # 516). Housed in a huge foldet poster cover with lyrics and a band picture. Also with a taped button on the front cover.  Enjoy it like i do !


# 523 The End - Rockin' in hell

Side a: Rockin' in hell
Side a: Victimised
AUS 1979

Nice punky rock by this australian trio. I haven't found information about this record. Enjoy it !


8 Jun 2019

# 522 Lamella - Wasting your time

Side a: Wasting your time
Side b: When Julie dances
UK 1981
Fantastic Mod/Powerpop/Pub Rock on "Direct records". This is maybe the second pressing. First release was by the band directly. I love it it!


# 521 Stag Marks Gang - Ain't no fun on the dole

Side a: Ain't no fun on the dole
Side b: Story of my life
UK 1981
Nice Powerpop/Pub Rock on this platter. The track on side a was also on the "Hundreds And Thousands " compilation. Enjoy !