29 Mar 2015

# 447 Straw Dogs - Dog's life

Side a: 1.We ain't dead (yet) , 2.All the lads
Side b: 1.Black leather , 2. Don't need (you)

Bonus Tracks: 1.Ralston walls , 2.Scotland (taken from the great compilation "Kik Rock Volume One" from 1982 with bands from the Kilmarnock area)
SCO/UK 1981

Fantastic self produced 4 track E.P. by this scotish punkers! This is their lone record so far i know. Sadly i haven't the ultra rare cover sleeve to my record. They had also two tracks on a local compilation (see above) i will give you as bonus tracks to this post. Enjoy it like myself!


# 446 Pete Zear - Tomorrows world

Side a: Tomorrows world
Side b: Fast food
UK 1979
Lone output by Pete Zear on his own label. Recorded and produced by Rat Scabies (of The Damned) and backed by two members of the migthy "The Ruts" on drums and bass. Cool punky Pub Rock on this platter.


15 Feb 2015

# 445 Ersatz - Motor body love

Side a: Motor body love
Side b: 1.One good reason , 2.Gimme a chance
UK 1978
One of the last RAW records releases (if not the last). A great punk/powerpop/postpunk 3 tracker delivered in a foldout picture sleeve. Recorded at the famous Spaceward studios. I love this record!


# 444 Randazza - City girls

Side a: City girls
Side b: Piece of mind
The only release by this New Jersey (?) guy Joe Randazza. Great punk and Pubrock here on this record. It looks like a studio project and not like a proper band. I haven't found informations.


11 Jan 2015

# 443 Stagebeast - Belgium ain't fun no more

Side a: Belgium ain't fun no more
Side b: Working man
BEL 1977
Killer belgian punkrock stomper by this Oostende 6 piece group! This was their sole record release. Some members were later in Revenge 88.
This is a big one! I love it!


# 442 Idiot Dancers - Glances

Side a: Glances
Side b: 1.Up and down , 2.Imagination
UK 1981
This is their lone release. A fine 3 track punk/post-punk record. They had also a fantastic John Peel session at the 14.5.1980 you can find here at the great Noise addiction II blog. Enjoy!


# 441 Spion 13 - Tusen och en natt

Side a: Tusen och en natt
side b: Ă–gon med tarar
SWE 1982
First (of 2) release by this Stockholm 5 piece band who was named after a norwegian comic book. Fine melodic punk with male and female vocals. Read more here.


14 Dec 2014

# 440 Smart Alec - Scooter boys

Side a: Scooter boys
Side b: Soho
UK 1980
This is the second single by this studio only band. See for more Information and the first single here. Like many bands who tried to jump up on the "punk bandwagon" in 1977, they tried to jump up on the "Mod revival" bandwagon in 1979/1980. But i like both records of Smart Alec.
This record came out on the same label (B&C Records) as Pete Newnham's great record "Rudi" and Horrorcomic's "Jesus Crisis".


# 439 The Degrads - I saw Bobbie sobbing in the lobby

Side a: I saw Bobbie sobbing in the lobby
Side b: Frontal lobotomy
USA 1983
Great single by this Rochester/New York 5 piece band. Great teenage powerpop with a punky edge. Meet the band here.


# 438 Silverstone - So what

Side a: So what
Side b: O.K.
NED 1977
Nice protopunk/glam/R'N'Roll on this record by this Arnhem/ Nederlands based 4 piece group. They were active from 1977 to 1979. This is their only release. This is one of the earliest Punk releases from Holland. Please read more here.