6 Jul 2008

# 22 Plastic Sandwiches - Bayonets and Colours

Side a: Bayonets and colours
Side b: Parties at war
UK 1981
Obscure band from the Norwich area.
Released on the highly collectable "Ellie Jay" label.



joseph said...

The snow dens of yesteryear have melted yet my bad guitar playing lives on......

joseph said...

Actually, obscure is a little extreme, we had 20 minutes of fame. The cover was done by Mark Kingston from the The Farmers Boys, and I am told Charlie Higson came to some of our gigs (I wouldn't have known him from Adam then - sorry Charlie).
Our lead singer had a bizarre marketing strategy of changing our name for gigs. We were also known as 'The Joys', 'The Total Erect'. 'The Spike', however most called us 'The Sarnies'.......