10 Feb 2013

Is it over and out ?

My Mediafire account is suspended by violation of the terms and the files are no longer available for download. Sorry for that.
I'm a little bit frustrated at the moment and i don't know if i should re-upload all the files on another place. It's extremly hard work and i don't know if i can find enough spare time for that.
DivShare , Mega ? Has someone experience with that ?
Please let me know.

Thanks for your support over the years !


Eleanor said...

Dropbox has been pretty good for me. I understand your frustration totally, it's really disheartening when it gets wiped out after so much work :(

Rolo Tomasi said...

Some blogs are using Mega without problems

spavid said...

Spavid from Wilfully Obscure here. Very sad to hear of yet another victim. Mediafire is unfortunately becoming more and more renown for shutting down accounts of music bloggers. I had great success with Rapidshare for 5+ years, until they suddenly locked my account for similar reasons a few weeks ago. They were hosting over a 1000 files of mine, and they were all gone in an instant.

I've been using Netkups.com since then, and have restored as much as I can, but I'll probably never get everything reactivated. Best of luck to you. Hope you can keep SSKitT going, but try to avoid Rapidshare. The past couple of years have been a bitch for all of us.

Kramer said...

I hope that you decide to keep the blog running. I found so much great stuff here.

bristolboy said...

Divshare works alright as a free uploading site (the only peeve I have with it is you can't see how many d/loads the post gets)
As to re-posting the older files... you could do what I've done & just ask people to contact you if they want the files - they will & at least you know which ones to re-post (at a slower pace)

Pablo Garrote said...

Unfortunatelly, I have no idea how to help you out.

Anyway I let you know that I´ve been listening all the stuff you put here in your blog, and I´ve enjoyed it so much.

Thanks for that lovely music and bands that I´ve ever known without your work!

EROK said...

Totally sucks. I hope you figure something out and keep moving forward, your blog is one of my absolute favorites! It has been consistent in regards to quality, and has many times been the only place to download some of the records I've been looking for- many that I've been looking for for years!

Thanks for what you do, and I hope you keep up the good work!

-Erik LAMF

occiv shadows said...

I would suggest opendrive.com or zippyshare.com. both have been a good alternative to mediafire & no problems have been reported thus far. divshare sucks on so many levels, so I would avoid that file hosting service. hope all works out.

sunday said...

Hmm,for me divshare.com is 1 of the best filehosters.I'm using him,have no problem.I'm found on some blogs divshare links 5-6 years old!
1fichier.com,putlocker.com,newMU,...,so many FH you won't be disapointed;Russian FH are also very good,except some of them delete files after some time,but,for example,zippyshare.com doin' that also,right?
My vote goes to divshare.com!

sunday said...

This http://www.fileswap.com/ is badMF also.


M. Rambler from Sons Of The Dolls here.
Sorry to read that !
I agree with Spavid Netkups.com seems to be a good alternative: I use it now !
Keep on the good work!
Cheers from France