20 Jan 2013

# 388 Smart Alec - My mummy

Side a: My mummy
Side b: Pretty girls
UK 1980
First of two 7" they made. The band was maybe from Plymouth/South Devon and is very well known for the "Scooter boys" single. Two great self penned mod revival numbers here on this record. Maybe it was only a studio project released by Blue Chip records. I don't know. I like this record but some people hate it (or the band) , haha !!



jeffen said...

Y'know I'm always amazed how many of these bands got off more then one single - good for them making it that far and good for you for digging it up for us!

Stathis said...

can you please repost this 7"?
Thank you very much

razor said...

Re-Up is done

Stathis said...


Unknown said...

Loving your post, man. I co wrote this with my brother back in 1981. I know it;s a 'Marmite' song, but great fun for Halloween, for sure! Loving that you posted it up, cheers for that.

Tez Locke

PS All these years later I got another Halloweeny type song released called Howling At The Moon. Check it out on Spotify.

razor said...

hi tez! thanks for leaving a comment here! it's always a pleasure to meet some original artists of the records i shared!