25 Feb 2013

# 389 Mats Olofsson med Docent Död

Side a: Krig och karlek
Side b: Hur kan det komma sig
SWE 1980
Very nice powerpop sung in swedish. This is their 4th 7" record. This band is active since 1977 ! Read more here (Site is in swedish).



Dan Geist said...

Great to see you back! (And off as-good-as-dead Mediafire...) Thanks so much for all the great records you've posted.

Rémi T said...

Found this vid from 1980 ...


Kramer said...

First they used to call themself "Aktiespararnas Årsmöte" They had two songs on this compilation http://wilddevilrules.blogspot.se/2011/09/va-hemliga-vagen-lp-1980.html