25 Feb 2013

# 391 The Parts - Look at the girls

Side a: Look at the girls
Side b: So in love
USA 1981
Great New Jersey powerpop! The songs are a bit too long but worth listening. The record was released on Future Productions from Bricktown N.J. I haven't found informations about this group.



Pep Sonic said...

Thank you very much for this. Very good. You have a fantastic collection of singles.

Cheers from Spain.

Woody said...

Many thankx. I love your blog.

Tom Cbrist said...

The Parts were one of the first bands to play City Gardens in Trenton

fordhamgirl1 said...

I first heard this on WRSU in New Brunswick NJ back in 1981. Probably Matt Pinfield spnning, great song.

Denton said...

Please repost # 391 The Parts - Look at the girls

razor said...

re-up is done! enjoy!

Denton said...

Hi Razor, nr240.zip from the link was not the Parts but a group called The Maps I'm Talking to You bw My Eyes Are Burning.

razor said...

haha! sorry for the wrong link. re-up is done

Denton said...

I also heard Matt Pinfield play this, and I think he later went to MTV 120 Minutes. Anyway I know someone who was in this group. The band had several versions but this was the one on the 45. With Jimmy Z"whoknows" from Brick and some guy named George from South Jersey on guitar, Joe Margucci drums from Brunswick, and Bob Conti bass from Hazlet. They did well at CBGB for awhile. By late 1982 or so they were in the air. Who knows, with a little less Lennon and more McCartney they might have have gone somewhere other than oblivion. Great site Razor.

Anonymous said...

George "Gorgo" Beach from Brick - Song Writer; Lead Vocals; Guitar (Strat).
Jimmy Zang (shortened form of last name) - Guitar (Les Paul); Backing Vocals.
Joe Marguccio from New Brunswick - Drums (7-piece kit); Backing Vocals.
Bob "Blast" Conti - Bass; Backing Vocals.

First three gigs: The Showplace in Dover; The 80's in New York; CBGB in New York.
They opened for Joan Jett at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park.

The Parts were guests on Matt Pinfield's radio show at WRSU. Joe and Matt remain very good friends.

George was a former member of The Proof, who toured with Pat Benetar in 1980.

Jimmy is George's brother-in-law, and had been playing guitar for less than one year when the Parts formed.

The band would conduct their practices in the basement of Joe's parents' house.

Joe would go on to play in many bands including Nasty Lass, The Mad Daddys, The Tommyknockers, The Trailer Park Casanovas, El Vez, Johnny Legend, The Scoundrels, and many more. He also played on Johny and the Hellmsmen's demo CD, and played two gigs with Robert Gordon in Los Angeles.

In 1981, the Parts made a few changes. They replaced Bob Conti with Bob McBride on bass, and added New Brunswick saxophonist John Pasquale to their lineup. They softened up their chords a bit and renamed the band Tall Girls.

razor said...

Thanks Denton for leaving a comment and more Infos! Also thanks to the unknown who left also some more informations! Cheers Razor

Denton said...

Check it I don't think George was in The Proof at that time because they cut their excellent album "It's Safe" in 1980. Maybe before the album or after Nemperor dropped them.

Also, I believe they practiced in Brick Township but later on after the band changed who knows. Never heard of the Tall Girls, perhaps they were like the emo-Parts. Improbable as it sounds, perhaps 536773b4-d605-11e5-a568-53fea2c09b0c will post a tune. BTW, google Proof there's a zippyshare file out there not posted by me.

Tough business trying to get recognized as an obscure original band. Most places were like the Show Place, ten people show up and they're the regular drunks. With the newspapers, teevee and the old media fading, youtube and social media gives these bands a fighting chance. But in any case I think it's a matter of running it up the flagpole to see who salutes.

Keep up the good work Razor.

razor said...

Hi Denton! Thanks a lot! And thanks for further informations !!