2 Nov 2008

# 106 Denizens - People of the night

Side a: People of the night
Side b: Ammonia Subway
UK 1979
A trio from Birmingham with an ex-member of "Brent Ford & the Nylons". Catchy powerpop/post punk. Two good self-written numbers.



James D said...

Gavin Lawson of The Denizens never actually made the transition from John Dowie & The Big Girl's Blouse to Brent Ford & The Nylons. According to the Nylon I spoke to, Lawson was always way too stoned to play the Nylons 100mph cabaret set. Vo Fletcher was the Nylons bassist.

razor said...

hi james
thanks for the info !

Mike said...

I saw this lot many times around Birmingham, they were a Brum Band. They also released a cassetter version of this single at the same time which had an additional 2 tracks on it. They were good live. Shame they never released more stuff. Brum had a load of great bands around at this time 1977-1978.