25 Oct 2008

# 105 Embryo - I'm different

Side a: I'm different
Side b: You know he did
UK 1980
I like this record. Three of the musicians are still active under the name "Guitar Gangsters". Go and see them playing live ! They are great !!



Dr. Kylldare said...

...and before The 'Gangsters they were the ill fated british mod band The Untouchables (not to be confused with the much more successful statesides)
Great post, as usual!!!

JimmyD said...

Hi Stan!
Kidnap sent me this link,as ive been on a downloading frenzy for a while now;-)ive never heard this,,cheers. saw the Guitar Gangsters a few times,and bought many of their albums. i must say, ive really liked some of the stuff, but it just gets ridiculous eventually,as they blatantly steal so much from other bands. Everyone does that, but it just gets annoying with them. the last time i saw them play in Glasgow a few years ago, i was bored out of my mind,as their current album had such blatantly stolen stuff that it just pissed me off. my mates band The Red Eyes suported them that night,and were easily the better band. we were all at a party later that night,and they are very nice fellas,,but PLEASE make them come up with some ideas of their own;-) PLEAAAAASE;-)

JimmyD(The Carpettes)