16 Nov 2008

# 116 The Fatal Charm - Paris

Side a: Paris
Side b: 1.Glitterbit , 2.Out of my head
UK 1979
First release of the Huddersfield based band. They have also 3 songs on the "Dead Good Records" label sampler called "East". Sadly i havent a cover. A good New Wave/Punk/Powerpop platter.



d-france said...

Hi !
I've got this one with the cover, bought when I saw them in london gig, in 1980....
d'you think some people are searchin' for it ???
Cheers !

Andres said...

I know I'm a little late but: is there any way you can re-post this? I would really appreciate it!

Tino said...


Could you please repost it, I think the link is dead! Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job with yer website!

spencer kurash said...

Bought this from a second hand stall in Wanstead Station on the Central Line in East London. Was recorded with a female vocalist in around 80-81 on the B-side of a single called Christine. John Peel played it every night around the time that Liverpool were due to be playing in that city in the European Cup Final (For younger readers that was the earlier version of the Champions league but hey, only actual champions were allowed in)

Rank Outsider said...

I too am looking for the favour of a re-post. I'd love to hear this again. I have it on tape somewhere, but have no idea where it might be. I also had the single but I'm pretty sure one of my theiving brothers has nicked it (they deny all of course). But if you have it and can repost - I'd really appreciate it.

Rank Outsider said...

Hi Folks,

For those looking to download the mp3 of Paris; I bought a copy of the record, and have recorded it to mp3.

My link should work for you.


Note - this is just the A-side (Paris). B-side badly scratched.