19 Oct 2008

# 100 The Sweat - No more running

Side a: 1.Isn't anything sacred , 2.Here comes another lonely , 3.No more running , 4.You gotta lotta nerve , 5.I can hardly wait , 6.Can't help myself
Side b: 1.I must be crazy , 2.Please don't say you love me , 3.We all make mistakes , 4.Why'd you have to lie , 5.Do you wanna break my heart , 6.How much longer
N-IRL 1980
What a great record this is ! Full of catchy melodies and singalongs. Very poppy powerpop. Clive Culbertson is a highly gifted songwriter and is very well known for his solo track "Time to kill". They also released a 7" under the name "No Sweat" on the northern irish label "Rip Off". A retrospective of "The Sweat" and "Clive Culbertson" is now available on CD at the japanese label "1977 Records".



Gambit said...

These guys were fantastic live. I have the album and tbh was a bit disappointed in it as did not do justice to the raw edge in their live performances.

Still good though - except for one of the songs (I forget which) which was ruined by the inclusion of a talkover by some woman. Clive's lyrics are great I agree.

Many thanks for sharing this.

Cornely said...

Could you please re-post this? I would love to get my hands on this and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

razor said...

sorry, is not possible at the moment.

razor said...

re-up is done