5 Oct 2008

# 94 V/A - Shots in the dark

Side a: 1.THE GRAPHICS - Don't stop , 2.THE STARES - Pseudo love , 3.CROWD CONTROL - There are houses , 4.MYSTERY GUESTS - Take a look at yourself , 5.THE PREDATORS - He thinks he knows me , 6.THE GRAPHICS - Just a balloon
Side b: THE MAGNETICS - Passin' thru , 2.THE PREDATORS - Plastic surgeon , 3.CROWD CONTROL - Treason , 4.MYSTERY GUESTS - So misunderstood , 5.THE MAGNETICS - Not my home , 6. THE STARES - Joe
UK 1981
One of these great local compilation like "Sent from Coventry" or "Avon calling" with a lot of unknown bands. I can't really locate where this record came from. The label is from West Sussex and it was recorded in Eastbourne.



Eleanor said...

I keep returning to this compilation, I think it's just great! I particularly like the Mystery Guests, do you have anything else by them?

Thank you so much!

jeffen said...

I didn't know you'd posted this too! Oh well I added a link back to you anyway.


Mark L. said...

Would you be so kind as to re-up this?

razor said...

re up is done