25 Feb 2011

# 323 The Autistics - Girls

Side a: Girls
Side b: Sister Julie
USA 1981
Killer punk/powerpop from this Los Angeles/CA based band. This was their lone self released record. I haven' found more informations about the band. You know more ?



bristolboy said...

Hey Razor - Great bunch of choices this time around

razor said...

Hi Bristolboy ! Thanks a lot ! This are a bunch of cool records. I like them very much.

Niteowl83 said...

Thanks for posting this! This band was from San Diego, CA and they also put out a 12" called "Turn Up The Volts" which was superb as well.

franky_crue said...

muy buena musica,mas bien chingona
quisiera ver si me haces favor si puedes y quiers subir el disco de the radio el album se titula hey hi ho ,trae la vercion en ingles y la vercion en sueco de esta cancion,hey hi ho ,te lo agradeceria,cuidate y sigue con esta chingona musica.

Woody said...

Fantastic!!! Many thankx.

WildDevilMan said...

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christopher c said...

re-upload please

razor said...

The Autistics: Re-Up is done.