23 Mar 2011

# 324 The Press - Fodder for the criticts

Side a: 1.Someone new somewhere , 2.I think i'm gonna go rigth out of my head , 3.Night , 4Out of view
Side b: 1.Rock capital , 2.She wants it all , 3.Walking in the heat , 4.Trapped in the wreckage , 5.Alcoholic
AUS 1979
Lone LP bis this Sidney/AUS based group. A very fine record ! Read more here and here.



Mike Ether said...

A very nice record! I have their single containing different mixes of Alcoholic and Rock Capital. Cheers Razor.

spavid said...

Been looking for this for awhile. You're a scholar and a gentleman.

Ettore said...

nice work, dude, thanks from italy

Frank Miller said...

Cool record, I've seen this a few times over the years; but I never heard it, and I was afraid to pull the trigger. Add another one to the list, thanks, great post!