25 Feb 2011

# 322 The Gigolos - She's my baby

Side a: She's my baby
Side b: This generation
USA 198? (some said 1980,some said 1981, i heard 1983)
Superb punky rock'n'roll on this 2 tracker. The band was maybe from Burbank/CA. But i'm not sure about that.

Download (Sorry, No longer possible. )


Tim said...

cool little 7"er. found a copy a few years back. and was gonna shove it on to my blog... ya beat me to it! thanks for all the good work!
my blog: dudebehindtherecordcounter.com

hpilgrim said...

I think the eaaliest this can be is 1981. There was another band with the same same Swedish I think from early 1980