29 Nov 2009

# 243 Between Pictures - Treat me like an equal

Side a: Treat me like an equal
Side b: Life of your own
UK 1981 (?)
First of two (?) record by this punk/powerpop/post-punk outfit. I haven't found informations about the band. A superb record !



Stewart Osborne said...

Between Pictures were from Reading, they released 2 singles, this one and "Birthday Card" / "Down At The Factory" (1981, Applause Records, Clap 3).
Vocalist Alison Rolls and guitarist Mic Dover subsequently ended up forming another band called Friction Groove with bassist Ali McMordie ex Stiff Little Fingers.
Friction Groove were signed to Atlantic and tipped for great things. Their first single "Time Bomb" was a minor hit but unfortunately when the album, Black Box was released it suffered major distribution problems because of [a postal strike iIrc] so the impetus was lost and the band's career sadly never recovered.
On the sleeve for "Treat Me Like An Equal" / "Life Of Your Own", you'll find a "Thanks" sectin which mentions Grinding Halt - that was the fanzine I used to co-produce, we were huge fans of Between Pictures and I even used to do some roadie-ing for them occasionally at gigs outside Reading.

sweet-hooligan said...

Glad someone is remembering Between Pictures... they were a great band as Stewart says above. My band Controls got friendly with them when we both played at the Tumbledown Dick in December '79. We used to go and see them quite frequently in 1980 including a cracking gig at the Covent Garden Rock Garden and Cherries in Reading. Both bands appeared on the Bits cassette compilation on X-Cassettes in 1980...