1 Nov 2009

# 238 The Bodgers - I hate phoning girls

Side a: I hate phoning girls
Side b: Stutter
UK 1982
Found this one in my record collection. I bought this for years and i overlooked this completely. Superb powerpop with funny stupid lyrics. I haven't found any infos.



Sarah said...

You're posting a bunch of great records lately. Excellent work!
thanks much!!

Tone and Wave said...

God this is stupid.

What's wrong with that though?

Absolutely nothing. I like this.

These guys were Scottish and the A-side is Stutter. (you may find a bit more info if you search them with Stutter as the a-side). I used to have Stutter on a tape but I never heard I Hate Phoning Girls but it's just as good...

...and by good I mean bad...

...and by bad I mean enjoyable.

Thanks for posting it.

Chuckie Jo said...

Thanks! I love "Stutter." It's like the 'retard' humor in "Tropic Thunder": you know it's wrong, but...