27 Sep 2008

# 89 The Brat - Attitudes

Side a: 1.Swift movies , 2.Attitudes , 3.Starry nights , 4.High school , 5.Leave me alone
Side b: is blank
USA 1980
A band from Los Angeles/California. Founded in 1979. Great classic L.A. punk. Read more about this group here.



allcik said...

hi,please,i wanted scotland band red letters-sacred voices 1979,,please have it?this single is on compilation the sound of old scotland

razor said...

hi, thanks for visting my blog.
but sorry i haven't this record.

KC2431 said...

You can find this record at discogs.com or on Bloodstains around the uk2.

Milagros Burga said...

Link doesn't work anymore :(

razor said...

Re-Up is done.