27 Sep 2008

# 88 Nightrider - Gruesome girls

Side a: Gruesome girls
Side b: 1.Stay clean , 2.Happy day
UK 1979
Band from Bognor/Littlehampton. Cool punky powerpop with catchy melodies. Sadly my copy is without the cover sleeve and the stickers.



Sam said...

Thanks very much for this! I've been looking for more Nightrider stuff since I heard 'Stay Clean' a couple of years ago.

Btw, this release is called the 'Digital Techniques EP.'

AlEebee said...

There was also an insert with lyrics & thanks as the single was funded by fans, friends & family sponsoring the band well as a set of Digital Techniques button badges. I remember helping with the printing and am gutted to remember that a pile of spares were binned on a house move years ago :(. I only seem to have one copy left with the full sleeve, along with a few copies in paper sleeves.