27 Sep 2008

# 85 The Plague - In love

Side a: In love
Side b: Wimpy bar song
UK 1979
Great band from South London who started in 1976. "In love" is an outstanding powerpop track.
"Detour Records" also released a compilation of their recordings. This is the 2nd edition in pink vinyl.


Requested by Jeremy


Desert Dogg said...

Great tune!

EROK said...

Wow, your record collection is deep! There's a couple of tunes that I've been searching for in soulseek for about a year that I could absolutely not find (this being one of them, 'Handbag - Snatchin' being another..) and for some reason I just assumed that if nobody had them in soulseek that they would be unattainable online as well. For shitz n giggles I typed 'em in google with the word 'blogspot' and your blog came up in the top 3 both times!

I'm telling you- for the longest time, Sons Of The Dolls has been my absolute favorite blog- but you may be giving him a run for his money!

Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!

-Erik LAMF