14 Apr 2017

# 494 State Secrets - Black hippies

Side a: 1. Black hippies , 2. Life on a wire
Side b: 1. Reformation , 2. Spies and secret agents
UK 1980
A very fine underproduced DIY 4 track punk platter by this english band. I can't locate where the band came from. It was recorded at the very well known Carco Studios in Rochdale/UK. If you have more informations about this group, please let me know.  Enjoy it like i do !


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bristolboy said...

From North Wales


State Secrets – Corwen punk-new wave band formed 1979 from the ashes of The Predictors. Had an Iggy Pop-like lead singer and played many gigs in the North West. Rel a single ‘Black Hippies / Life On A Wire’ (Real To Reel 1980), rec at Cargo in Rochdale, prod by John Brierly. Trevor Williams says of Life On A Wire, ‘a good tune, using the James Bond theme as a bass line long before Oasis came along nicking riffs.’ Used to rehearse at a hippy commune where they lived. Also called Typewriter Sect