28 May 2017

# 495 Harner - Get you back

 Side a: Get you back
Side b: Why don't you care?
USA 1982
Great powerpop two tracker by this Indiana (Bloomington?) combo, lead by the brothers Charles and James Harner. The track on side b was later released in the Phillippines with a different track. And the song was also on the film soundtrack of the film "Badgets". Enjoy !



pillihp zelaznog said...

If you have it.. Please please please post U.S. Ape ‎– Ignorance Is Bliss 7"

jes said...

interesting band thanks :)

razor said...

hi pillihp zelaznog. Sorry i haven't the record you requested.

koi seo said...

i really interesting a bout it.


lron said...

Wow! Both tunes are amazing!
Thank you Razor!