28 Aug 2016

# 481 Adam Roth and his Band of Men - s/t

Side a: 1.Now you're runnin' , 2.Judy won't you dance with me , 3.She said oh! , 4.Cold city , 5.Baseball rock
Side b: 1.Not gonna be easy , 2.Speed it up , 3.All away , 4.I just wanna have some fun , 5.Down the shore

USA 1981

Fantastic Longplayer! Enjoy it!



Bill said...

Most of these guys were Regina Richards' Red Hot band. Good record!

razor said...

hi bill! thanks for the comment! Regina partly produced this album.

Sven B Good said...

really good 😎

Brendan Amoruso said...

Any idea where to buy this? My dad was marino Amoruso, one of the producers

razor said...

hi brendan! HoZac Records will re-release this record in the near future.