31 Jul 2016

# 480 The Lynch Mob - Naughty Girl

Side a: Naughty girl
Side b: Pick of the Litter
USA 1981

Fantastic powerpop/rock'n'roll platter by this Wormtown/Mass. based group. Two very strong self penned numbers on this cracking seven inch (it was a sleeveless release). Read about the Wormtown scene (including informations about The Lynch Mob) here.  I love it !!



Dan Geist said...

Love this! Thank you. Reminds me a bit of the wonderful Pontiac Brothers and "Johnson", their killer 1988 LP on a similar roots-rock/power-pop balance beam.

Mike said...

Awesome! thanks so much. Mike Lynch, singer of the Lynch Mob, was previously the singer of the Worcester band Albatross. Touted to be the next Aerosmith, they had a couple of minor hits with "I Believe in the USA" and "Passport to Pleasure". Great stuff. I still have that 45 :)

razor said...

hi dan! thanks for your comment!
hi mike! thanks for the additional informations!

t-bone said...

Pat Lynch was the singer. His brother Mike joined the band later on..

koi seo said...

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