9 Feb 2014

# 417 Pink Plastic & Panties - Bla-Bla

Side a: Bla-Bla
Side b: Anger
NEL 1980
Sole release by this dutch all-girl band. They had also three tracks on the great live compilation called "Rock Tegen De Rollen" who is worth listening. The sound reminds me a little bit to the swiss band "Kleenex/Liliput". A fine record!


Woody said...

Thank you very much!!!

everyoneislistening [i.e. Bob Dylarama] said...

Put this on repeat and listened over 10 in a row. It was great.

Sarra Cenia said...

They also had a track on a German all female sung comp in 1982, "Venus Weltklang".
The sleeve shown here is the second sleeve for this single.