5 Jan 2014

# 416 The Novels - I'm being followed

 Side a: I'm being followed
Side b: Son of Sam
CAN 1980

A fine powerpop record by this Vancouver/Burnaby based four piece band. This is maybe their lone release. I haven't found more infos but read the inlay of the record.



Amplifires Matlock said...

Great series of posts - what a shame the mediafire and rapidshare links are gone

Woody said...

Thank you very much!!

camarosource said...

I am the late Jim leed ("Leed" was an alias) SON. I am so happy to see that the record that he was involved in is being circulated online. Thank you.

I have around 6 more of his Records.

Paul Lodge

razor said...

hi paul! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! i hope your dad is alive and kicking!

Carl Howard said...

"I'm Being Followed" is adorable! I found it completely by accident on a YouTube playlist of New Wave power pop, and had to see what more there might be.

razor said...

hi carl! thanks for leaving a comment. this single will be re-released on meanbean records soon. cheers razor