9 Oct 2011

# 350 V/A Opposite sides

Side a: 1.NO SUPPORT -Because , 2.No SUPPORT - Subway
Side b: 1.THE LIMPS - Hi fashion , 2.THE LIMPS - Circa 2
UK 1979
This is the first of two split singles the bands released together on the fine "Matchbox Classics" label. All songs are great D.I.Y. punk. This was the first release of the Matchbox label. Both bands had also one track on the very fine single compilation " 8 from the 80's - A Carlisle Compilation" who was released from the same label. Great !!!



topper said...

Yep.......they're great.

this one is still missing in my collection. last sold on ebay for some € 60 / 70

I just bought their second one.

They're also on killed by 7 inch # 7


Pep Sonic said...

Many thankx for all, and specially for this. All the best.

Bruce Cantley said...

A great candidate for a re-upload. Many thanks and great blog! - Bruce

razor said...

Re-up is done! enjoy!

Bruce Cantley said...

Many thanks for the re-upload!