20 Jun 2010

# 293 The Amatones - Atomic gears in motion

Side a: Atomic gears in motion
Side b: Plastic surgeon
USA 1983
Aaargh! What a great record ! Lone release by this Amarillo or Fort Worth/Texas five piece combo. I haven't found more informations.



Fatty Joe said...

Hi dear friend, I'm looking for a song called ''English romantic actors'' by the punk band Famous Explorers. Maybe you have it.
I love your blog.
ROCK ON!!!!!


biopunk said...


Frank Miller said...

Great record,excellent post Razor, thanks

zebop12 said...

The Amatones were a five piece band based out of Amarillo Texas. They did a bunch of shows at The Beer Garden.

MSorrels said...

Hey Razor - Thanks for posting Atomic Gears by The Amatones. I was their guitarist. We did the one single as The Amatones, then became New Congress and did an LP and some cassettes. In 1990 we became The Blue Johnnies and put out 3 CD's and several cassettes over 15 years. Altogether the core band lasted 25 years and still play occasionally. Atomic is still a favorite. If you're interested in any of the other music, let me know how to get it to you. Thanks again, Mark Sorrels