20 Jun 2010

# 291 Mundanes - Make it the same

Side a: Make it the same
Side b: 1.Funnier than love , 2.Empty boulevards
USA 1980
Band from Rhode Island featuring John Linnel of " They Might be giants". Fine New Wave/Powerpop here on this record. Read more here.



bristolboy said...

how can no-one have commented on this? (admittedly I haven't d/loaded it (it's in the collection already)but wot a great tune - keep on posting great music!!!

Unknown said...

I'm a big TMBG fan and my recently got this 45. I would like to find a quality rip and I see you have one (had one). Looks like it is no longer on Rapid Share. Can you please re-upload it, of if you don't mind, send me a copy? You can contact me directly at "alfredo at jahnweb dot com". You have a fantastic site. I also have a site if you are interested. I haven't posted in a long time, but there are some good things. If you see anything you are interested, let me know so I can re-upload. http://my.opera.com/ajahn/blog/

razor said...

Re-Up is done.