18 Apr 2010

# 276 Quality Drivel - Subliminal cuts E.P.

Side a: 1.Stagnant minds , 2.Sale of the century
Side b: 1.Rituals , 2.Subliminal cuts
UK 1981
Killer release by this Oxfordshire/UK based band ! Every track's a winner. Read more here.

Download (No longer possible,please see the comment)


John Perry said...
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Adam said...

Quality Drivel are ASSHOLES for telling you to remove their songs! They're not trying to reissue their music!

Ronaldinho é do Corinthians said...


Ronaldinho é do Corinthians said...


Tino said...

how punk is that?? Bunch of cunts whining sissies...We don't all have 100 bucks to spend to hear yer band...is this kinda music meant to please the rich japanese collector nerds???

What is disturbing about being downloaded by the great minority of punk/power pop lovers ??

I only know the ones on bored teenagers, would love to hear the two others, how much would it cost to make me ears cum??
You look like third class aids-infected hookers...