18 Apr 2010

# 275 The Motive - Kimberly you're boring

Side a: Kimberly you're boring
Side b: Bus to bus
USA 1979
Very good powerpop on this 7" single. I haven't found infos about this group. They were maybe from California. The record was recorded in Hollywood/L.A.



jm said...

I hung out in Los Angeles with The Motive in 1979. I was working for the NME and wrote the first exclusive on the Sex Pistols film, published while I was in LA. Went to some of the band rehearsals for this recording. My English friend Barry was their manager. The lead singer was born on Hollywood Boulevard and took me on a guided tour. I'd have to dig in my Archives to find more details - John m (Dick Tracy of the NME.

Amber said...

The lead singer was named Lance Macefield, but he was going by one of his stage names back then: Lanse Lyric, Lance Romance, Lance Jeffery, or Lancelot. He and I dated until his death on 1/8/94 at my home in the Seattle area. I gave birth to his son one month later. I have the copyrights, original music and lyric sheets for those songs, but have been looking all over for my copies of the record! Hopefully I'll come across them soon. I can dig up more info if you want - just let me know.


Hi Amber- I knew Lance back in the late seventies in San Francisco Bay Area and am so sorry to hear that he died in 1994. Would love to talk with you if you feel inclined.


Amber said...

That would be awesome, Cat! If you use facebook, you can find me (and pics of Lance) there: http://www.facebook.com/amber.wester

If not, here's my email address: lcbeancounter@gmail.com

Also, there are a bunch of Lance's songs posted on my SoundCloud account: http://soundcloud.com/search?q[fulltext]=amberw

Hope to hear from you!

Stacey Hartley said...

A dagger just went through my heart! I managed his bands Sassy and The Vains in the '70's. Cat - we've probably met. Lance and I were very close. We had a fight in the late 1980's and then I left town to work on a movie. I've been trying to find him and now I know why I couldn't. I am shocked and so very very sad. Amber, I would love to be in contact with you....so many questions and I have many pictures and tapes. John, I remember Barry!

Mig Uel said...

The bass players name was Claude Carranza. He lives in Australia now. I will tell him about Lance. Very sad.

RĂ©mi T said...

Could you please re-up this single. I've only heard "Kimberly" but it makes me want to heard the B side!

Amber said...

I'm not sure where I have the original file stored to re-up it, but you can find the songs here, plus a few more of his from other bands. The Motive songs are at the bottom.


Stacey Hartley said...

Mig Do you have contact info for Claude? We were good friends but lost touch when he moved back to Australia. Echo must be all grown up now!

MR said...

Hi Stacey. Yeah Echo is nearly 40 I think. He’s moved back to LA a few years ago and still doing music :) Dads email is claudecarranza1@gmail.com and is probably the best way to reach him. I know he would love to hear from you. All the best. M

Stacey Hartley said...

Thanks so much M!!