23 Oct 2009

# 233 Cole Younger and the Koolettes - It'll be alright on the night

Side a: It'll be alright on the night
Side b: Ice cole love
UK 1981
Killer powerpop by Cole and his girls. I don't know how much records he has released. And i can't find informations about this guy. But i'ts great, isn't it ?

Thanks to my alltime best friend who gave me this record as a present !



Worthless Trash said...

Nice one!! There is a self titled album from 1975 (maybe a single or two?), never heard it but supposedly not recommended. I would recommend his "She's Not My Lover" 45 from early '78 and the "Candy" single from 1980. There's also a 7" credited to just Cole on Rak circa '84, don't know if that one is any good.

bristolboy said...

I have a 45 - lorelli/mackie saw your light on - on anchor records which is from the '75 album - the b-side is pretty good but the lead track is a bit too close to folk for my liking

razor said...

Thanks for the lot of infos !

roberto said...

never heard before,another good little single.