6 Oct 2009

# 229 School Ties - No future

Side a: No future
Side b: Screw you
UK 1980
Killer punk by this UK group ! I think this was self released by the band and never had a picture cover. Fantastic !



GASPUNK said...

GREAT post!
I follow your blog weekly and been waiting for "new" records to be posted. Nice to see that you´re back!

razor said...

thanks ! my problem at the moment is, i haven't enough spare time. that's the reason why i post not that much records. but i will post as much as i can.

topper said...

Yeah great punky tunes

thank you

link rae said...

thanks razor !

love that a-side

garychching said...

Nice post Razor, never heard of them, and i really like it.