30 Aug 2009

# 222 Battered Wives - Uganda stomp

Side a: Uganda stomp (Bomp Idi Bomp!)
Side b: Giddy
CAN 1979
Band from Toronto/CAN with their first single. Uganda stomp is also on their first LP and the b side is a non album track. Read more about this group here.



Longy said...

I didn't realise this one was a single. I remember this song from their album (still got it on red vinyl somewhere) Great stuff. Cheers.

fuzzpsych said...

I still have this one! I remember buying it as a kid. The girl behind the counter said "this is punk rock, you know." I said, "yeah, I know", she scowled at me and rang it in!

EricC said...

I've got the LP and this is the best song on it by a long ways. I need to burn it to disc