9 Aug 2009

# 219 Herod's Race - Something's not right

Side a: Something's not right
Side b: Wind me up!
UK 1980
Superb powerpop from the UK. I think this was released by the band's own label and never had a picture cover. The only information i found, is that the record was recorded at the Spaceward studios in Cambridge.



Desert Dogg said...

u havent been posting much lately, what happened?

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!

billthebass said...

hi i am the bass player from herods race. any one want to hear more. i have 6 tracks including spaceman ( i think it was our best)

razor said...

hi bill ! thanks for the comment ! and yes i want to hear more !

cheers !

billthebass said...

ok i need to find out how to upload or send them - i am not a copmuter nerd

k said...

Hi there.

I wondered if you could re-upload this or possibly email it to me. owlservice@gmail.com

Many thanks :)

razor said...

Hi k. Re-Upload is done. Enjoy !