21 Jun 2009

# 206 Dancing Counterparts - Dancing Counterpart

Side a: Dancing Counterpart
Side aa: Never ending theme
UK 1980
What a found ! Great mod revival/powerpop from (maybe?) Newport Pagnell/UK. Track a makes me shakin' the hole day !! Sadly i haven't found informations about the band. Great !!



Mike Ether said...

Fantastic record mate. Thanks

Egg Foo Yung said...

... a long time ago I knew Greg, that was before I lived in Milton Keynes

jeffen said...

One more treasure that remained unknown me till you dug it up.

Thanks for all your work.

wackjack10 said...

my dad played guitar for this band and one of my uncles played sax another sang and another played bass the drummer is an old mayor of milton keynes and i don't know the rest :)

BuckinghamLad said...

Does anyone have the video that went with the Infants album. It was a winner in the Tokyo film festival in 1985 ( I think it was 85 )

I worked on the video with Dusty the director.

Great band and great days....

Glenn OH said...

Hello I sang with the Dancing Counterparts
I am so happy peoples can download our music .
We recorded and mixed both the songs in a little studio in Luton it took 6 hours.
We also recorded two tracks on a compilation warped sense of Human .
And recorded an Album with Del Bromham infants of infinity .
I like the demo's we recorded at Micro studio best of all .
I will send any mp3 stuff i find over to you for posting enjoy !!!!

razor said...

Hi Glenn
great to hear from you !
and yes, send me the demos on mp3 to my email address.