12 Apr 2009

# 189 The Steppes - The beat drill

Side a: The beat drill
Side b: God's got religion
UK 1979
Four piece combo with Adrian Lillywhite of "The Members" on drums and Andy Ross of "The Disco Zombies" on vocals. Their one and only output.



Dougie W. said...

A real cracker this one. Thanks for posting it. Lots of good memories about Forest Hill (it's on the cover) and of Mr Andy Ross (he worked at the local record store that I used to frequent).

Famous Playlists said...

On the b-side, "God's Got Religion," there's a lyric I can't quite make out: "Give him some financial aid, he can co-star with [Lou Grey?]" Anyone know who's being referenced here?

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon the answer to my question: Lew Grade, a ubiquitous TV personality in the UK. That leaves us with these gloriously profane lyrics for "God's Got Religion":

God's got religion but I've got a car/
with a stereo-cassette and a built-in bar/
As we get into hell and I'm not beaten yet/
I'll get there first in my private jet/
Christ's got a cross but he died in pain/
I've got a gold cross on a chain/
Give him some financial aid/
He can co-star with Lew Grade/
This non-profit organization/
isn't immune to exploitation/
somebody got hold of the rights to The Bible/
with the Guinness Book of Records its only rival.