5 Apr 2009

# 186 The Ravers - I was a teenage Rock'n'Roller

Side a: 1.Married to me , 2.Really don't mean a thing , 3.Growing older , 4.The twist , 5.Waiting in the wings
Side b: 1.Got an idea , 2.After school , 3.Boys will be boys , 4.Teenage rock'n'roller , 5.Spend me like a dollar , 6.Leave me alone
USA 1980
Fantastic and completely overlooked record of this Portland/USA based band ! A great mix of punk/powerpop and (hard)rock. Read a littlebit of the history here and here. I love this record very much !! And please note the cover is normaly not in this shape. The pre-owner had too much spare time and coloured the cover with a silver pencil....


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