30 Mar 2009

# 183 The Distractions - Something for the weekend

Side a: Something for the weekend
Side b: What's the use ?
UK 1980
Superb band from Manchester/UK with their fifth single. The title song is taken from the album "Nobody's perfect" and the second song is a non album track and it's a killer ! Read more here.



granata said...

Latest news on The Distractions - http://www.thedistractions.co.uk/home.html.

granata said...

The Distractions are back with their 'Black Velvet' EP available for digital download with a limited number of CD promos. See Occultation Recordings website (http://www.occultation.co.uk) for details of how to order, and keep an eye on www.thedistractions.co.uk/home.html for news of the forthcoming 12" single and CD album in 2011.

Doug said...

The Distractions album is ,of course, fantastic.I still have the vinyl and a nice vinyl rip.Thanks for the single.Cheers.

granata said...

Doug, you can hear preview and buy the 'Come Home' EP here:


granata said...

Razor, please could you drop us a line at dan@occultation.co.uk, we have a proposition that may be of interest