22 Mar 2009

# 182 The Agents - Everybody's gonna be happy

Side a: 1.Stare Into Space , 2.Do a Lot Better , 3.Killing the Pig , 4.Julie , 5.Who's He Kidding , 6.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Side b: 1.They Say It's Rock and Roll , 2.Beer Talk , 3.We Want to Sign , 4.People Like You , 5.Now's the Time to Change , 6.It's Gotta Be Done Son
GER/UK 1981
Band from Bristol/UK with their lone album. The strange thing is, this was only released in Germany. Good powerpop/pubrock here on this platter from this nearly forgotten band. I like it. Read more here.



lron said...

Many thanks for sharing this album.

Longy said...

Seconded! Thanks Razor. Great stuff as ever.

Steelyvibe said...

I was in this band, but I joined after the album was released. The band was living in Germany at the time and got a deal with X-records, which was part of the big Teldec. It was a two record deal, but we got out of the contract on the grounds that Teldec didn't promote us enough. We had a large following in Germany and the album sold around 100,000 copies, of which we didn't get a penny (or a mark).

Gerd Fink said...

What a great live band! I heard them two or three times in Karlsruhe more than 30 years ago, and still remembering. Thank you for the memory!

razor said...

hi gerd! thanks for sharing your memories with us!
a re-up of the files is done

Unknown said...

my dad was also in this band his name was Larry Burr

razor said...

hi unknown! i hope your dad will be alive and kicking! thanks for leaving a comment!