1 Feb 2009

# 167 The Whips - Walking in circles

Side a: Walking in circles
Side b: 1.I'm not sure , 2.Nationwide
UK 1979
Decent powerpop from an unknown band. The record label was located in North Berwick. I don't know if the band was from the same area.You may can help ?



Jeronyme said...

Fab blog! Wanted to leave a comment for months.... but procrastination is a plague!
Thanx for all your efforts and vinyl treasures!

Anonymous said...

The Whips certainly were from North Berwick. See also the Assassins, who rose from the ashes of the Whips and who can be seen in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn7oh10AKDY

Andrew Miller said...

I was one of those Whips. We were me Guitar backing vocals
Owen McAlpine singer
Ian Anderson Guitar
Alan Combe Bass
Denis O'Rourke Drums

Record labe was Flying Headbutt Records.