1 Feb 2009

# 166 The Stains - Bored

Side a: Bored
Side b: 1.Emotional pills , 2.Believer
UK 1979
One and only output of the Shrewsbury based "Stains". Two self penned numbers with a punky edge and a Neil Diamond cover. Not a bad record.



Longy said...

Nice one Razor. Another one I've never heard of (signed as well!)

Kev said...

I worked with Dave Clarke (Guitar) at Rolls Royce. Stains were a Shrewsbury band. Lead singer Dom-Est-Os was Dominic Hemmings son of actor David Hemmings.

Dom left at the end of 1979 and Nancy Colderone(?) took over on vocals. I have a demo tape of 3 songs from 1980.

The text on the single cover is taken from a "News of the World" article on Dom and how he didn't see his Dad, if I remember rightly.

THANKS for a very interesting blog Excellent stuff!

Dominic Aimé Ouvry said...

He was my step dad..... not my dad..... I go by my born name Dominic Aimé Ouvry now and have made quite a lot of different music since..... A selection can be heard here..... https://soundcloud.com/liquidvision

razor said...

Hi Dominic! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!