1 Feb 2009

# 166 The Stains - Bored

Side a: Bored
Side b: 1.Emotional pills , 2.Believer
UK 1979
One and only output of the Shrewsbury based "Stains". Two self penned numbers with a punky edge and a Neil Diamond cover. Not a bad record.



Longy said...

Nice one Razor. Another one I've never heard of (signed as well!)

Kev said...

I worked with Dave Clarke (Guitar) at Rolls Royce. Stains were a Shrewsbury band. Lead singer Dom-Est-Os was Dominic Hemmings son of actor David Hemmings.

Dom left at the end of 1979 and Nancy Colderone(?) took over on vocals. I have a demo tape of 3 songs from 1980.

The text on the single cover is taken from a "News of the World" article on Dom and how he didn't see his Dad, if I remember rightly.

THANKS for a very interesting blog Excellent stuff!

Dominic Aimé Ouvry said...

He was my step dad..... not my dad..... I go by my born name Dominic Aimé Ouvry now and have made quite a lot of different music since..... A selection can be heard here..... https://soundcloud.com/liquidvision

razor said...

Hi Dominic! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

david clarke said...

Hi Kev and Dom its Dave Clarke here[ ex- guitarist of the Stains[.Yes , I too am still alive now living in Cardiff.Most of what Kev says is correct . Dom was a great front man with a rich gravelly voice . However, I named the band and Dom Estos. I also used my home in Shrewsbury for band practice and stored the gear . I also wrote most of the songs. including Bored.But that's enough of my whining[let it go] Hope you are well Kev, I remember you upchucking down Mal Salisbury's toilet after a heavy night and me flushing the chain without thinking,sorry about that .
Anyway Dom has just visited Clamp [Stains bass guitar] in Telford and it was great to speak again after 36 years!!Can I recommend people have a listen to Dom's music with Liquid vision on Soundcloud. It is really good .He has clearly mellowed after the hectic punky times in Shrewsbury.It has flashes of Kurt Weil and Peter Gabriel ,at least to my ear,and dare I say spiritual but is gentle synth based. Anyway cheers to all , Dave .