21 Dec 2008

# 139 The Grids - New anthems E.P.

Side e: 1.You're no better than me , 2.Hypocrite
Side p: Innocent no more
UK 1980
Great e-side and a boring p-side. And again i haven't found informations about the band. You can help ?



Longy said...

I must admit I've never heard of these. Quite like it though so once again thanks alot for this

Pablo Garrote said...

I pop in with this information about the band....


Grids - Holywell punk band from the late 70s & early 1980′s feat Andrew ‘Tunkie’ Tunnicliffe (gtr) (later of Vicious Circle, Mercenary Skank), Gaz ‘Top’ Jones (bass) (then known as Gary Gutter) (ex Units), Paul ‘Doggy’ Evans (voc), Dave ‘Moggy’ Williams (voc), Ian ‘Sten’ Stenhouse (r.gtr), Timmy ‘Bean’ Davies (drms). Rel New Anthems EP end of 1980. Had close links with Seventeen. The band can also claim a fan in the Dead Kennedys’ vocalist Jello Biafra who can be seen on the cover of a DK video sporting a Grids badge given to him by the band in 1982. Supported Glen Matlcock’s Sceptres at Rhyl Town Hall and Cockney Rejects at Colwyn Bay Pier where Doggy nearly had a fight with Stinky Turner. On splitting they became 2 bands Grids 2 & Interceptors.

DirtyMinD said...

Hi was quite excited to find the grids mp3 online The_Grids___New_anthems_E.P_.zip for download but the link was dead any chance I could get a copy of it would love to listen to it again. Haydnsamuels@gmail.com
I remember owning this ep. The cover always reminded me as if it was ripped from the the clash 1st album. I remember being at the colwyn bay gig only went to watch the grids. Had a really mad time there bunked the train from wrexham. Met girl and we got a signal man to get us a ride on a freight train but when the train stopped about 10 mates that were hiding jumped on as well it was just mad we were in the corridors lol it was mad

razor said...

Re-Up is done.

DirtyMinD said...

# 139 The Grids - New anthems E.P. is this available anywere to download