1 Dec 2008

# 129 The Jook - Bish,Bash,Bosh

Side a: Bish,Bash,Bosh
Side b: Crazy kids
UK 1974
Fifth and last single. And it's a big one ! The b side is an absolute killer track. Read more of their history here and meet them here.



josechu modforever said...

I think that Chiswick edited an EP "Rule OK" in 1978, and there are a "not edited" album: "Different Class"" (2005?).

Fantastic blog.

argenis '65 said...

Yes, The Jook Rule Ok was edited in '78 by Chiswick records... Different Class is a compilation of all the material recorded by the Jook, made by the great RPM records.

Congrats on your excellent blog man!